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  The housing market rises and falls like all markets.  We know this. What doesn’t change  is the fact that your house should be a place of security and comfort. That  security and comfort make a house your home. Home gives your family  stability  and  a place to thrive . That stability is the roof over your head of course, but also financial stability. Sometimes we find ourselves  needing to make a change . It may be for a new job, to be closer to family, or to find a quieter place to call home. My family recently moved. We needed  more space in our home  and the  street in front of our old home had become a racetrack . It didn’t feel the same anymore. I swear  people were trying to set a land speed record in their sedan  while snapping a selfie at the same time. I didn’t want to wait for that  sedan to be in our kitchen . When it’s time to make that move , over the long haul, your home will be a place of stability, security, and comfort. Reach out if you are  needing to make a change

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